Board Members


Tom Wickersham, President

Term Ends 2019

Cedar Falls, IA
Program Director, Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa

Tom is passionate about food co-ops. He was very involved with the Davis (CA) Food Co-op, and through that involvement grew to appreciate the cooperative business model. In many ways it's a better approach to the standard corporate model we are confronted with at almost all aspects of our lives. The co-op approach is human-centered and sustainable. He helped plan the first community meeting to launch the Cedar Falls Food Co-op in September 2012 and has been involved since.

What are your hobbies? "Right now I think the hobby I enjoy and work on the most is being involved in my community. I love going to theater and music productions. Seeing bands. Going to exhibits. Checking out new places in town. But I also love meeting the wonderful people of the Cedar Valley."

What is your favorite thing about food co-ops? "I absolutely LOVE shopping at food co-ops because of the community spirit co-ops foster. From the people who work there, to the customers, to the growers… co-ops are great centers of communities."

What is your favorite vegetable? "Spinach. Yum!"

Andrew Morse, Vice President & Capital Campaign Chair

Term Ends 2020

Cedar Falls, IA
Assistant to the President, Board & Governmental Relations, University of Northern Iowa

Andrew believes that food co-ops are great for the health and economic vitality of communities. He joined the Cedar Falls Food Co-op in the Summer of 2017, after recently moving back to Cedar Falls from the East Coast. Andrew is excited about being a member of the Board that will help launch the physical store in Cedar Falls as an opportunity for our community to promote local entrepreneurs, public health, and community development.

What are your hobbies? "I’m pretty into ‘90s comedy movies, old baseball cards, coffee, and—most importantly—spending time with my family and friends."

What is your favorite thing about food co-ops? "Food co-ops combine two of my favorite subjects into one:Food and community."

What is your favorite vegetable? "Green beans."


Jess Cruz, Secretary & Communications Chair

Term Ends 2018

Cedar Falls, IA
Exhibit Preparator at UNI Museum

When discussing Cedar Falls with people outside of the area, the first thing Jess mentions is how amazing our community is. "There is a genuine sense of investment in each other; a willingness to see each of us to work together to create a better whole." For her, the beauty of a co-op is that it is a physical representation of the community spirit. She wants to see the Cedar Falls Food Co-op as evidence of the dedication of our community to being responsible, authentic, and devoted to our collective success. She became involved with the co-op in 2015 because she loves supporting local agriculture and being able to know where her food comes from and how it's grown/raised.

What are your hobbies? "Knitting, sewing, baking & running."

What is your favorite thing about food co-ops? "I love that co-ops are the embodiment of community spirit. We all are working together to create something that everyone can benefit from."

What is your favorite vegetable: "Brussels sprouts!"

Scott Wirtz, Treasurer & Finance Chair

Term Ends 2020

Cedar Falls, IA
Partner, Financial Designs

Scott grew up shopping, eating, and working at a food co-op in a neighboring town. He is passionate about giving the next generations the ability to experience all a co-op has to offer.

What are your hobbies? "I love the woods, bodies of water, campfires, and the stars. When I’m not camping, kayaking, hammocking, hiking, cutting down trees or splitting wood, it’s likely because I am at a UNI athletic event."

What is your favorite thing about food co-ops? "Variety, and the means with which to try things that others might not have otherwise."

What is your favorite vegetable? "Okra. With stewed tomatoes."

Jackie Berggren, Communications Committee

Term Ends 2020

Cedar Falls, IA
Student, AS Applied Nutrition

Jackie became a member-owner in March 2017. She jumped right in on volunteer opportunities such as, working the Co-op booth at the Farmers Markets, making food for events, and joining the communications committee. She has been spreading the word about the Co-op ever since and is excited to get the doors open on the Co-op in our community. CFFC will be a welcomed addition. She wants to be a part of helping to provide healthy food choices and making them available locally.

What are your hobbies? "Reading, cooking, movies, yoga, meditation, walking with my dog, and spending time with my family."

What is your favorite thing about food co-ops? "I love the co-ops. There is just something warm and fulfilling about the environment of co-ops. I like the sense of community, and the people that work at co-ops are so friendly and informed. I love all the fresh, organic, and delicious selections available at co-ops, and the fact that the products are local. We are supporting community."

What is your favorite vegetable? "Broccoli."


Brenna Griffin, Membership Chair

Term Ends 2018

Cedar Falls, IA
English Teacher at Peet Junior High

Brenna has been a part of the Cedar Falls Food Co-op effort since late 2012. She believes a food co-op will enrich our community in so many ways, food and beyond. I want to be part of this amazing historical opportunity.

What are your hobbies? "Reading, writing, cooking, yoga & wrangling my young daughters."

What is your favorite thing about food co-ops? "I am always drawn to the deli counter and interesting sandwich options. Sandwiches taste so much better when someone else makes them."

What is your favorite vegetable? "Not a fair question. Currently, Brussels sprouts."


Sheri Huber-Otting, Operations and Capital Campaign Committees

Term Ends 2018

Cedar Falls, IA
Food solicitor at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank

Sheri joined the CFFC party in 2013 as a member of the operations committee. She is passionate about local food accessibility for all as well as promoting local farms.

What are your hobbies? "Nature photography and hiking."

What is your favorite thing about food co-ops? "What I love most about coops is how fresh and local the food is."

What is your favorite vegetable? "Tomato."



Terry Stewart, Operations Chair

Term Ends 2019

Waterloo, IA
Retired Military and Retired Federal Service (DOD)

Terry was born and raised in IA. He & his spouse, partner and all-around-farm-hand, Nita, raise organic produce, plants and herbs that they sell at the Cedar Falls Farmers Market and from their greenhouse. They're members of two other Co-ops and a food buying club. He is really excited about the Co-op coming to town and having the convenience of a local store that not only will provide us with local, healthy, nutritious organic food but also a family/community like environment where you can share and learn about food, family health, etc. To Terry, shopping at a Co-op is more like an adventure than the boring, tedious shopping trip at the regular grocery store.

What are your hobbies? "Fishing, woodworking, building or repairing things. I hope to start building an airplane sometime this year."

What is your favorite thing about food co-ops? "The variety is amazing, the bulk food section, the very friendly people, and maybe my favorite is the DELI !! Getting something to eat from the deli is always an important part of the shopping adventure at a co-op. "

What is your favorite vegetable? "Just about anything fresh, but I am partial to heirloom tomatoes, sweetcorn and beets (cooked, roasted or raw)"



Joy Thorson, Membership Committee

Term Ends 2019

Cedar Falls, IA

Joy became a member-owner and motivated volunteer for the Cedar Falls Food Co-op 2 years ago because she wants to see a community-owned, healthy grocery store available in the Cedar Valley which will provide better food options and support local suppliers. She sees the Co-op at a perfect way to fulfill these needs and build even more community in Cedar Falls.

What are your hobbies? "Community Theatre...both Cedar Falls & Waterloo, three grandchildren and one on the way!"

What is your favorite thing about food co-ops? "Of course, I love to see all of the fresh and healthy food options especially from local suppliers; but I am thrilled to see another way that communities come together behind their local food co-ops and how co-ops support each other."

What is your favorite vegetable? "In the spring, asparagus; otherwise, roasted broccoli and/or cauliflower."