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We’ve opened up an online store just in time for the holidays!
If you love our Co-op shirts, you’re in luck! We’ve opened up an online store through Xpressions for a limited time to give our supporters a chance to own even more Cedar Falls Food Co-op swag. We have a wide variety of products, including items ideal for the cooler weather. Ordering is simple: place your order through the website below, complete your payment online, and you can pick up your items when they’re ready. The store will be open until December 13th and the items will be ready to be picked up before the holidays. Check it out today and get a jump start on your holiday shopping!

Board Happenings: November 2017

Take a minute to see what your board has been up to!
– This was the first meeting with our newest Board Members! Welcome aboard Andrew, Jackie, and Scott!
– With new board members, it means we have new officers elected. Our new officers are:
     – President: Tom Wickersham
     – Vice President: Andrew Morse
     – Secretary: Jess Cruz
     – Treasurer: Scott Wirtz
– The Board has moved its meeting time to the 3rd Wednesday of every month, at 7pm, at Millrace.
– We had two representatives from the Board attend the Strong and Small Conference in Minnesota this month, and they brought back a lot of great information for us to use.

New Business Partner: December 2017

Whether you’re looking for pain relief or to improve your overall health, our newest business partner can help. Align Chiropractic & Wellness in Cedar Falls is committed to providing chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs. They can assist with back pain, neck pain, headaches or even muscular tightens and tension. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Align offers rehabilitation, physical exams, nutritional counseling, and spinal and postural screenings.

Cedar Falls Coop members receive a free muscle stimulation on your initial visit.

Recipe: Crispy Baked Tacos with Seasoned Cauliflower

Okay, it’s that time of year, when busy comes in all shapes and sizes. Family gatherings, parties with friends and co-workers, school concerts and sports, holiday shopping, and baking. Suddenly, there is no time for a good family meal. Options are good! And remember, a good dinner can be quick and meatless, just be sure to include healthy ingredients that are full of flavor. Tacos are a good choice. They are versatile and easy to bring together in a jiffy. The filling ideas are endless, so get creative. This recipe hosts some delicious ingredients that are fresh and tasty. It’s good to follow the recipe the first time, then if you like it, you can make adjustments for the next time, if needed. These tacos are gluten free and vegetarian.

Recipe from: She Likes Food

Crispy Baked Tacos with Seasoned Cauliflower

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 25 mins

Yield: 10

Crispy baked tacos filled with a healthy and delicious seasoned cauliflower mix!

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Member Spotlight: Jed Vander Zanden

Jed Vander Zanden lives in the heart of Cedar Falls with his wife and five-year-old son. They have lived here for almost six years. Jed owns Sidecar Coffee Roasters in the Cedar Valley while his wife works at UNI as a professor.

Jed enjoys feeling connected to the community and feeling like he is one of the locals. They love the unique community vibe they get from shopping and eating locally. They are big supporters of both Single Speed Breweries and Basal/Cibo establishments. Local businesses supporting each other is great for the community.Continue reading

New Business Partners: November 2017

Cory’s Painting offers interior and exterior painting and drywall repair in the Cedar Valley.  Based in Cedar Falls, our CFFC member owners can receive 5% off labor for painting and drywall repair. Check them out on Facebook here.


Located in Cedar Falls, Donna Heller Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes for all ages, from workshops, to small group classes and private instruction. Members receive 10% off an 8-week class. Check them out of Facebook here.


Based on Waterloo, Heart Rhythm Healing believes that the answers to healing your body, mind, soul & spirit lie inside your heart. They offer members their first 30-minute session free ($30 value), and all subsequent sessions are $5 off. Some of their upcoming events include Better Body Info Session from 7-8pm on Thu Nov 9th in the lounge at the Millrace Co-working Space, and A Group Meditation Class on Sat Nov 11th from 10-11a at Heart Rhythm Healing (528 Campbell Ave. Waterloo, IA). Check them out on Facebook here.

Changes on the Cedar Falls Food Co-op’s Board of Directors

Jacquelyn Berggren, Andrew Morse, and Scott Wirtz

At the 2017 Member-Owner Potluck & Meeting, the Cedar Falls Food Co-op wrapped up its elections for three seats on the Board of Directors. The three incoming members began their term immediately following the meeting on Oct. 24.

The nine-member Board leads the Co-op’s efforts to establish the community-owned grocery store in or near downtown Cedar Falls. With 31.1% of the membership voting, the results are as follows:

Andrew Morse           28.8%

Jacquelyn Berggren  25.9%

Scott Wirtz                 25.3%

Blake Conover           20.0%Continue reading

From the Board President: Excuse Me While I Get a Little Sentimental

With the conclusion of this year’s board elections, we now have three new people  stepping up to help the Co-op’s efforts to establish a community-owned, and community-grown, grocery store. It’s exciting to see our passionate members step up to serve in this very important role.

I want to take a moment, though, to acknowledge the three outgoing board members. Over the years, I’ve taken advantage of this platform to share my appreciation for many of the Co-op volunteers who I’ve been lucky to work with. Those include steering committee and the initial board members (Melanie Drake, Erica Graen, Julie Halevan, Steve Hoodjer, and Jaime Wilson), and many, many other volunteers. However, our three outgoing board members have been engaged since the very beginning and deserve some recognition.

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DIY Gift Ideas

Looking for some DIY gift ideas? Learn how to make your own vanilla and much more…


DIY Gift Ideas

As the holiday season approaches, if you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or another tradition, you are probably starting to think about gift-giving. In our household, we have struggled with the idea of purchasing gifts that may not be either sustainable nor necessary for our loved ones who seem to have more than enough “stuff” in their homes. When do buy gifts, we focus on buying local, spending at least one weekend patronizing local businesses. I find it’s one of the few times I actually enjoy shopping!


However, the best tradition that has come out of this struggle is do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts. Growing up, my siblings and I were encouraged to make gifts for teachers, friends, and family members, but this was time-consuming so tapered off. As an adult, I’m fortunate that my in-laws have inspired a DIY gift-giving tradition. I have received amazing goodies over the years including jam, paper flowers made from maps, hot sauce, and granola. The following is a recipe for DIY gift I did last year along with other DIY options that not only do not take much time, but are also consumable, reducing the amount of waste that is a result of most holiday gift-giving. In fact, you will discover that recipients beg to be kept on your holiday list for future DIY gifts.

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Member Spotlight: Stephanie Clohesy

Stephanie Clohesy, and her husband, Bill, have lived in Cedar Falls since Bill was hired by UNI in 1987. They moved to the College Hill area, changed homes once, but stayed in the same neighborhood. Stephanie has a strategy consulting business that she runs from an office built onto their home. Bill is an Emeritus Professor in Philosophy.


The Clohesys transplanted here from New York City, so they miss the density and intensity of NYC. But they have found Cedar Falls to be a treasure as a community, full of interesting people that are so dedicated to the community as a whole. Sometimes she thinks about all of the things there are here in the Cedar Valley and wonders who were all the wonderful people that built these things, the parks, museums, and art centers?

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