New September Business Partners

This month, we have two new area business partners joining the more than 75 other businesses that are providing amazing deals to card-carrying Cedar Falls Food Co-op member-owners.



Natural Soy Products, Ltd. (Clean Environment Co.)

Located at 1935 Main Street in Cedar Falls, this local business provides environmentally friendly household cleaning products that are highly effective while also keeping toxins at bay. This company is built on the premise that cleaning products should not only clean well, but also be kind to people who use them as well as the world we live in. Co-op member-owners, stop in and they will give you a 10% discount from the list price in the store.

Slumberland Furniture

Are you shopping for new furniture? Are you a Co-op member-owner? Then you are in luck…Cedar Falls has another new business partner. The Slumberland Furniture Cedar Falls location is offering Co-op member-owners $50 off of qualifying purchase of $99 or more (exclusions include hot buys, special purchases, clearance items, tempur-pedic and premier mattresses). Soon, you’ll be relaxing on/with your new furniture while reveling in your savings!


From the Coordinator: September 2018

Willy Street Co-op (Madison, WI)


Have you heard of the local foods movement? Why is this a nationwide phenomenon? There is more demand than ever to know where our food is coming from and more people are deciding to vote with their pocketbooks, and in this case, really putting their money where their mouths are. The Cedar Falls Food Co-op is committed to providing locally sourced products on our shelves once our store is open. Since our store will be a one-stop-shop model (meaning that you can find your grocery needs all in one store), we will also have products from further afield, but we will source locally whenever possible.Continue reading

No Churn Avocado Ice Cream

We have not had a shortage of hot days this summer and what goes better with a hot summer day than some yummy, creamy, sweet avocado ice cream? Yup, avocado. I was searching for a recipe for a dessert that would be refreshing and easy to make that would go with a light summer lunch of gazpacho. I wanted something easy, tasty, fresh and not have to use a lot of ingredients, when, bingo, I happened across this recipe and photo of No-Churn Avocado Ice Cream! Sold! It looked and sounded delicious. I had the perfect avocado on my counter and just needed to get some sweetened condensed milk and heavy whipping cream and I was all set. I thought it would taste really good after some spicy gazpacho, and it did. With only 3 ingredients to put together, it was super easy, and it even turned out to look just like the recipe photo, which usually doesn’t happen. I made it the night before and put it in the freezer according to the directions. It set up very nicely and was still soft enough to dish up fairly easily. Do yourself a favor and try this recipe from: It’s wonderful!

Continue reading

Member Spotlight: Adel and Tom Kessler

This month’s member spotlight is Adel and Tom Kessler. Adel and Tom met when they were introduced by a mutual friend when Adel was a student at UNI studying Elementary and Special Education and Tom was working at the reference desk at Rod Library. While not originally from the Cedar Valley they both have been happy to call this place home for some time.


Now both retired, they enjoy spending their time reading, gardening, travelling, and exploring new places to eat with friends and family. They also love to explore the new locally owned stores and restaurants that have opened up recently. When asked what they love about living in the Cedar Valley, they couldn’t pick just one thing! “There are so many wonderful events, activities to enjoy, volunteer for… the list goes on and on.”


They decided to invest in the co-op because they believe it’s important to have access to healthy food and they see this as another way to invest in the community. Both are active in a number of volunteer organizations, so being a co-op member is another way they can give back. With our member numbers growing, they’re getting more excited about the co-op becoming a reality. They can’t wait to have fresh, local items available year round.


Thanks Adel and Tom for being co-op members!

Board Happenings: August 2018

Take a minute to see what your board has been up to!
– This year along our volunteers have donated 2114 hours of their time to the Co-op, resulting in the equivalent of over $52,0000 of wages! All this hard work is paying off as we’re on track to top 900 members in September. We wouldn’t be able to do this without our amazing community supporting us along the way, so THANK YOU!
– Board elections are right around the corner. If you’re interested in running for the board, online applications are due by September 8th. If you have any questions about what board service entails, you can contact any one of our board members or for more information.
– We were given the opportunity to view some potential sites recently, and we’re on the verge of announcing where the future home of the Cedar Falls Food Co-op will be. Be on the lookout for this exciting news!

From the Board President: Board Candidate Filing Deadline Extended

Have you ever served on a board of directors? If so, you probably attended regular meetings, reviewed annual budgets, and gave feedback on programs and marketing plans. All very important work. But your role was likely around continuing the work of the organization.

Right now, there’s a new opportunity you should consider: Serving on a board to help launch an organization. If elected to serve on the board, you will be part of the leadership of the Cedar Falls Food Co-op as it journeys through the single most important event in its history: The grand opening of the store!

The deadline to submit applications to serve on the board of the Cedar Falls Food Co-op has been extended: The new deadline is Wednesday, Sept. 12. Complete details can be found here.

About the Board

One of the distinguishing aspects of your Co-op is the fact that any member can serve on the board of directors. The Co-op fully embraces Cooperative Principal #2, Democratic Governance, and wants you to know that if you’ve got the passion for bringing a full-service grocery story that focuses on local and healthy, and that is an investment in our community, then you should consider running for the Co-op’s board of directors. Each summer there are there positions open on the board, each serving a three-year term.

What does the Board Do?

The Board is responsible for ensuring organizational performance on behalf of all of the Co-op’s owners. Currently, the work of the Board of Directors is geared towards establishing a physical store. Once established, the work will shift to developing clearly stated expectations for the General Manager through written policies; delegating responsibility for, and authority over, the achievement of stated objectives; and monitoring GM compliance with written policies.


On a personal note, having served on the Co-op’s board has been a tremendous experience. In fact, I would say it’s one of the single most important experiences of my life. It has truly been a pleasure to serve our growing membership and help turn our dream into reality.

Please let me know if you have any questions about serving on the board – send me an email and I’ll get you some answers. Thanks for your consideration!


That’s an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often, and one that I urge you to consider.

In cooperation,

Tom Wickersham


Member Spotlight: Carol Lilly

Carol Lilly is our spotlight member-owner this month, and her family of four moved to Cedar Falls in 2008.  Her husband Chris grew up in CF and after working in the mid-west for several years, they settled here to raise their two boys, Jake and Josh.  Chris is the warehouse supervisor for Cedar Falls Utilities and Carol is the director of Community Main Street.  Jake is now 20 and is in the Marine Corps. Josh is 18 and will be leaving for San Diego State University this fall.


Now that their children will be gone much of the year, their free time is about to change!  They enjoy spending time outdoors and supporting local events and activities, many times through volunteering.  Chris is one of Community Main Street’s most active volunteers, according to Carol. Their most consistent volunteer activity is watering the downtown plants on Sunday mornings during the summer.  Chris is a member of Rotary and Carol is on numerous boards, including Sartori Foundation, Cedar Falls Community Foundation and Cedar Falls Community Theatre.  She also sits on the Park & Rec Commission and acts as a liaison to the Cedar Falls Tourism Bureau and Greater Cedar Valley Alliance and Chamber Affiliate group.


Carol’s parents are her greatest role models.  They both endured great hardships growing up, yet were able to find a way to go to college, choosing careers in education.  They taught her that a person’s station in life doesn’t matter and to treat everyone fairly and with respect. “Everyone has something to contribute and tapping into each person’s strengths helps them grow individually and helps the greater community,” Carol said.  They also taught her the importance of family and always making it her top priority.


The vibrancy of downtown is one of the primary reasons they decided to move back to CF, so Carol was really excited when she got the opportunity to work for Community Main Street. “I may be bias because of my work, but I truly love the downtown district!  A locally owned shop or restaurant has a different vibe than big box.  To me, the cluster of local businesses downtown and on the Hill helps give Cedar Falls its personality,” she said.


Carol is looking forward to having a food co-op in town, due to the sense of community the co-op offers:  “It brings people who may not have crossed paths in everyday life together and turns acquaintances into friends.”


Although they moved around quite a bit when they were first married, Carol said, “No matter where we have lived, we found ways to connect and embrace the community in which we lived.  ‘Living local’ has been our lifestyle long before it became mainstream.”


Moroccan Spiced Salmon with Yogurt Sauce

Heat up that barbeque, grab a cold one, and watch some salmon sizzle on the grill. One of the best summer meals is some grilled salmon with some vegetables, rice, or another side dish. These yummy Moroccan spices add flavor and character that will make your taste buds tingle. Top it off with the creamy yogurt sauce to dazzle your senses. This is one tasty recipe. Add fresh salmon to your shopping list this week and make for your family or just for yourself. Happy cooking!

Recipe found here:

Continue reading

Board Happenings: July 2018

– We are now seeking candidates for this year’s board elections! If you’re interested in running, check out our board candidate application packet at
– This fall is our 5th annual Fall Food Fest! Join us on September 25th at the Cedar Falls Community Center to celebrate 5 years of community building!
– The Food Cooperative Initiative has invited the Cedar Falls Food Co-op to join them for monthly peer calls. This allows us the opportunity to work with other co-ops who are in the same stage of development so we can learn from each other.
– More of our base business work, such as the financial pro forma and business plan, are well under way. We’ve made a lot of progress with these the past few months and are excited to get them buttoned up so we can move on with the next steps.
– You can get all of your board information directly from the horse’s mouth! Each month our meetings are open to our members. Join us for August’s meeting on August 15th, at 7pm at Millrace.

Upcoming Events: August 2018

Co-op Connections

Wednesday, August 15 from 5 – 6:45 p.m. at Chad’s Pizza (Cedar Falls)

Join the Co-op outreach coordinator and others to hear about Co-op updates, get your questions answered, as well as connect with others in your community. Chad’s Pizza offers a yummy deal to co-op member-owners, so bring your card.


Co-op Celebration at Octopus (a Plus One Event)

Sunday, August 26, from 5 – 8 p.m. at Octopus (Cedar Falls)

Octopus and the Cedar Falls Food Co-op are joining together to celebrate the Co-op’s success and hear about what lies ahead. The Co-op is already present in the community, people are involved – and we are getting closer to opening our doors to a cooperative grocery store in Cedar Falls. This summer, we passed the 850 member-owner mark and are well on our way toward 900! Keep spreading the word so we can celebrate that milestone at this event. As an added incentive, those who join that night will receive a $20 gift card to another College Hill establishment, Greenhouse Kitchen.

Join us for good food, drinks and conversation. Member-owners, bring a friend who would benefit from learning more about the Co-op.  And don’t forget our August incentive: become a new member-owner that night (or be listed as a referral for a new member) and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a gift basket from Frontier Spices. See you there!

Questions? Contact


Co-op Book Club

Monday August 27, 4:45 p.m. Overman Park

Our book club continues to be a great success. Don’t miss our lively discussion of the Great Alone by Jocelyn Hannah.
Questions? Contact