The Cedar Falls Food Co-op Book Club: One Way Community Is Thriving with Your Co-op!

For the past year, various member-owners have been gathering monthly to discuss the latest CFFC Book Club read. The book choices are not necessarily food related, but are titles suggested and voted on by the group. For the past few months, the group has been meeting at Overman Park to enjoy the outdoors while connecting over the latest read. One of their first outdoor gatherings ended in this unique story as related to us from Sharon Silva, one of the book club attendees:

“The weather was perfect for a meeting outdoors at Overman Park. The Necklace by Cheryl Jarvis relates the true story of 13 women who went in together to buy a diamond necklace, how they decided how they would share it, and the ways it affected each one’s life. Prior to the entertaining discussion and keeping with the theme, the book club group of 11 women each brought the special story of a necklace which she wore. They shared many nods and smiles over each unique piece and remembrance. It turned out that one woman had not looked for her special necklace until the last moment, so she never found it. While she was looking, though, she found a long-forgotten tiny jeweled drawstring purse and brought it instead. When she hung it around her neck the group promptly accepted it as a creative, acceptable substitute. However, when she discovered three hundred-dollar bills tucked inside, also long-forgotten, cheers erupted. Who says procrastination doesn’t pay?!”

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