We’re calling for Owner Investment Campaign Volunteers!

Dear Member-Owners,

We’re calling for Owner Investment Campaign Volunteers!

The Cedar Falls Food Co-Op is growing and site selection for our grocery store is happening! As a site becomes available, we will kick off our Owner Investor Campaign and need your help in doing so. The Owner Investor Campaign Committee is seeking Builders and Communicators—two critical volunteer roles to assist with the Owner Investment Campaign. The Owner Investment Campaign will help the Co-op raise the money needed to open our store, and Builders and Communicators will play key roles in the campaign. A description of both volunteer opportunities is provided below:

  • Builders (2 to 4 volunteers): Individuals who work behind the scenes by distributing prepared communications to potential investors.
  • Communicators (15 to 20 volunteers, including 1 lead): Individuals who reach out to potential investors to inform them of the investment options and follow-up to collect on pledged investments.

The Owner Investment Campaign will begin this spring and run through the summer. Because of the special investment opportunities available to the Co-op’s member owners, the campaign will be targeted and finite. The new store will be dependent upon our campaign’s success!

Please send an email to Melanie Drake, Outreach and Communications Coordinator, at outreach@cedarfallsfood.coop to indicate your interest in one or both of the volunteer roles, as well as a brief (3-5 sentence) description of why you would like to help with the campaign. Please submit your interest by April 21, 2018.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you,

Andrew Morse

Vice President,

Cedar Falls Food Co-op

Board of Directors

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