Trivia Anyone? Our first ever Co-op Trivia Night brought out some new and familiar faces for some lively competition.

March ended with a bang. Not only did we hit our month’s goal with 750 member-owners, but we also hosted a fabulous trivia event on March 28 at Lark Brewing in Waterloo.

Six teams competed for the famed Golden Carrot Trophy through three rounds of trivia. Round One was food-related, and everyone now knows what the indentation on the bottom of a wine bottle is called. Round Two covered aspects of pop culture where some were surprised to learn that Bob Dylan has received a Nobel Prize. In the final round, teams identified places around Waterloo and Cedar Falls where Rooty, the Co-op Carrot had visited and posed for a photo.

The rounds finished with three teams were neck and neck, and so the victor was determined through a lightning round of Iowa trivia – do you know Iowa’s state flower? Congratulations to team “gmOmg” for their ultimate win!

Participants enjoyed socializing with one another, trying the yummy Lark brews and kombucha (member-owners get a 20% discount on menu beers!), and gathering more information about the Co-op’s progress. In between rounds, everyone participated in a game where they had to make quick decisions on whether the named celebrity is dead or alive. The winner of that round received a crowler and beer sticker courtesy of Lark.

We plan to have more events such as this, and we welcome your involvement. Contact for more details.

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