Guest Article: Paola Castillo

Do you wish you could find more nutritional options for children’s parties? Cedar Falls resident, Paola Castillo shares her recent party plan.

Most birthday parties you have probably attended have served candies and a cake saturated with sugars. But my daughter’s birthday party was no typical birthday. My main goal was to serve some organic fruits and vegetables so our little ones could get the best nutrition with friends.

The theme of this party was artificial intelligence so I wanted to simulate as many robots as possible. I took two watermelons and cut both into cylindrical pieces to make the body of the robot cake. Blueberries made the bolts on the body, thin cylindrical pineapples became the arms, slices of oranges were the ears and I used a half strawberry for the nose. The eyes were also composed of two blueberries.

I was almost unable to make the fruit bouquet because I was missing an ingredient. But I made do of what I had available. The shrubs came from organic kale; strawberries simulated flowers and blueberries, oranges and grapes composed the fruit bouquet itself.

I also served tacos, assorted organic vegetables, and orange-infused water. Everyone had a great time, and both adults and children enjoyed the food. No one seemed to miss the more typical sugar-filled snacks. While this party took a lot of planning, I had great feedback from guests and enjoyed creating the event, so I call this party a success. I hope this idea motivates other people to get creative and serve more nutritious snacks at their children’s parties.

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