From the Board President: Do YOU Have What it Takes?

How about some quick numbers to start out? The Co-op is not quite 2 years old, but we’re over 400 members strong. Cedar Falls Food Co-op members live in 5 states (yowza!) and in one of those states, Iowa, they reside in 9 counties. Here in the greater Cedar Valley, from La Porte to Waverly, 16 zip codes are represented by Co-op members. There are also 12 households with 2 member-owners under the same roof!

Here’s another important Co-op number: nine. That’s how many people are serving on the Board of Directors. So, while 400+ member-owners each have a say and a stake in the well being of the Co-op that we all own, there are 9 people doing the bulk of the work in raising the awareness, developing the policies, managing the books, and growing the membership.

I have had the honor of working alongside these dedicated Board members. They, along with the 3 directors whose terms ended last year (yet who each continue to serve on committees), have been among the most inspirational people to me. Their wisdom and their wit…their dedication and their determination…their enthusiasm and their energy—simply put, they are AMAZING people, and I consider myself a lucky person to have the opportunity to work with and be inspired by them.

But, as the bylaws dictate, and as best practices recommend, it’s time to open the doors to other member-owners to serve on the Board of Directors. Each year 3 terms end, and so now we’re accepting applications for those who want to contribute to and help guide this effort to a successful outcome—opening the doors. Those who step up and get voted in as Board members will not only have the honor of serving alongside some of the most incredible people in the area, you’ll also be at the helm during some of the most exciting times in our development—selecting a site, designing the store layout, and hiring a general manager.

So, will YOU become a candidate for the Board of Directors? Learn more about the role and responsibilities of Board members HERE. And if you think you could contribute to the movement, submit a completed application by September 10. Be sure to brace yourself for an incredibly rich and rewarding experience!

In cooperation,

Tom Wickersham


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