Recipe: Orange, Choco, Coco, Cran Irish oats

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Steel cut oats with cranberries, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, and orange zest.


Warm up with a delicious sweet and zesty Irish breakfast.

A sweet and zesty twist on a warm traditional Irish dish is the perfect way to start your mornings in March. Try adding a sprig of mint on St. Patrick’s day to get your green in too!

Orange, Choco, Coco, Cran Irish oats

Prep time: 30 min



1 c. Irish Steel Cut Oats

3 c. water

Zest from 1 organic orange

Handful of coconut flakes

Handful of chocolate chips

Handful of dried unsweetened cranberries

1 tsp. Agave, honey, or raw sugar



Boil water. Add oats. Bring back to boil, then down to a low simmer. Stir often for 20 minutes or until oats are desired tenderness.  Add orange zest, sweetener, and cranberries, mix in.

Serve with chocolate chips and coconut flakes on top.



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