A Letter from Sarah Foster

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  1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.
  2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Community…This is why my husband, Charles and I call the Cedar Valley home. We feel the same sense of community with the Cedar Falls Food Co-op as it will be so much more than a place to buy groceries.

As member-owners we all have the same goal in mind, and that’s to get our co-op doors open. How can we make this happen? If all of us take the time to share our excitement for the co-op with our own community of friends, family & neighbors, we will be that much closer to shopping at our co-op!

Our research shows us that house parties and individual connections are the fastest way to grow membership. Please help us reach our goal by inviting your personal community to a house party. What does a house party consist of? It’s a gathering of your people, and it can be as simple as having friends over for cocktails or dessert (or both!). In our house, it would be toddlers and a potluck! However you gather, please at some point share your enthusiasm for the co-op and why you’re a member-owner. If you’d like, a board or committee member can be available to answer questions and take memberships on the spot. Find more details about House Parties here.

Charles and I feel so strongly about the co-op that our business, Fosters Mattress, is donating a queen size mattress set. The Co-op has extended this offer, so that if you host a party before March 31, you’ll be entered in the drawing to win the mattress set. Don’t delay – when you’ve selected a date, please contact us at info@cedarfallsfoodcoop.org to let us know about your plans, ask us questions, and get your name entered in the drawing to win.

Thanks for sharing your passion for the co-op and letting me be a part of your food community!

All the best,

Sarah Foster

Membership Committee

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